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Customer Support Management

Ability to manage customers in a professional and consistent manner across all contacting channels is what we pride ourselves in at Avetium.

Contact Centre Set up and management

At Avetium, we have the capacity to build, implement, manage and support a contact centre based on client’s requirements. Our contact centre solution revolves round three major models which are:

  • On Premise Solution: We deliver contact centre for our clients on their premise including the technology, staffing and the infrastructures.
  • Off Premise Solution: We have the ability to deliver technology hosted solution to our client while our clients still enjoy the use of its premises.
  • Contact Centre as a Service: We can host the entire contact centre ( technology, staffs and infrastructures) for our clients at our own well equipped sites.
  • Contact Centre Consulting: We also engage in management consulting for existing contact centre for improved performance equipped sites.
Customer Relationship Management Services
  • Key Account Management: We deploy our experience in value creating relationship management for business-critical segments on behalf of our clients through our highly skilled professional staff.
  • Retention Management: This refers to our various proactive and reactive ways by which satisfied and dissatisfied customers are retained in our client’s portfolio. We work together with our clients to deploy various retention initiatives and activities at minimal cost.
  • Telemarketing Services: We understand the need for our clients to reach out to their customers frequently for feedback. Avetium Consult offers telemarketing services for Customer data collection and correction, Sales lead generation, collection of receivables and product education.
Customer Services Personnel Management

We recruit and engage front line and customer service personnel for our clients thereby taking away the challenges inherent in the day to day management of such staffs. We have a robust pool of qualified, tested and trained customer service staff that any organization can engage within the shortest possible period.

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